Workplace Safety and Certification

By making safety a value of your organization you are recognizing that safety is not just the absence of incidents, but it is work performed in a way that reduces hazard and risk across the organization.

Make Safety a Value in Your Organization

World-class organizations are those with leadership that understands the fundamental importance of safety. Dedication to the identification and mitigation of workplace hazards and the development of an inclusive safety culture demonstrate leadership's long-term sustainable perspective. What is it that these organizations know to be true about safety?

  • Safety is efficient.
  • By employing certified safety practitioners, an organization is integrating specialists who connect safety with organizational performance for maximum stakeholder value.

  • Safety is effective.
  • By preventing incidents and injury through workplace planning, training, and hazard mitigation; company-wide goals are achieved and projects are completed on budget and on schedule.

  • Safety is engaging.
  • Those who demonstrate a commitment to safety often see increases in worker engagement and morale. When workers connect doing a job safely with doing a job better, faster, and with increased efficacy, the entire organization wins and workers go home to their families proud of their teams.

Why are BCSP safety certifications important to an organization?

  • Advances safety professionalism and a safety corporate culture via ongoing education and certification process
  • Competitive advantage among competitors or similar corporations
  • Demonstrates credibility among competitors and clients – Peer recognition and Respect
  • Increases public confidence and reputation in the employer’s safety program
  • Improves organizational morale
  • Demonstrates competency
  • Return on investment: better safety outcomes, enhanced profitability and productivity
  • Sets internal standards for safety processes and procedures
  • Contract qualifications = Increase new business opportunities
  • Measurement and continuity in safety knowledge
  • Offer professional development opportunities to the staff resulting in higher profits, resilience, productivity, quality, innovation and staff retention

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